Chinampa Video

This is the only live coverage of a chinampa I have ever seen on the Net! A classmate shared it on our facebook page. I haven’t figured out how to embed the video yet, but here is the link to the Financial Times’ page:

Freaky Fukushima Vegetables

Check out this compilation of photos on Real Farmacy from Japanese citizens of their mutant vegetables due to the Fukushima atrocity. Can anyone say RESPONSIBLE technology? If this link breaks in the future, try going to and typing Fukushima in the search box.

Plans for Winter Hot Water

So here’s what I’m thinking for our hot water this winter: I love the calm, simple way “Hadley” explains his system. For the first couple weeks in our “new” house we will probably be heating water on top of the woodstove, but I hope to graduate to this system once we feel comfortable that …

Worm Check-Up

Dumped our second simplehuman bin-full of waste today into the 5-gallon bucket vermicompost system. The bucket is full. That’s what I thought would happen. The worms are still alive. That’s good. I wasn’t sure they would be. Last year I experimented with our 5-gallon bucket humanure with worms. I thought, Hey, why not? I’ll toss …

Worms and Composting

The 55-gallon worm bin I made a couple months ago is now full to overflowing. Moving should be interesting. I didn’t bother putting it on casters, because I knew we would need to lift it up into a truck anyway. When I originally transported them from Pike Valley Farm a few months ago they were …