We’re crafting this into a repository for learning, growth, and community. Come here to find books, music, and other recommendations that will propel you forward on your journey with Christ Jesus, whether you’re behind the starting gate or you’ve been at it a long time, and you’re feeling a little weary.

Starting out in ministry, in international service and in permaculture practice, I have had the opportunity to implement the principles I’ve learned within numerous contexts. Learn more about that story. By the grace of God, we’ve weathered many storms and are growing stronger every day.

Along the way, I’ve learned about the wide, wide world of real estate and earned my Kentucky license under eXp. One little piece of the dream is that Kentucky Local Buyers (working primarily in Lexington, KY and surrounding counties) would improve our community and provide a surplus to bless those in need in other communities – whether budding entrepreneurs or struggling individuals or businesses.