Worm Check-Up

Dumped our second simplehuman bin-full of waste today into the 5-gallon bucket vermicompost system. The bucket is full. That’s what I thought would happen.

The worms are still alive. That’s good. I wasn’t sure they would be.

Last year I experimented with our 5-gallon bucket humanure with worms. I thought, Hey, why not? I’ll toss in a handful of worms into the full bucket and see what happens. They died. I assumed it was from lack of oxygen.

Maybe it wasn’t lack of oxygen after all, since theses worms are still alive. Could it have gotten too hot, and they had nowhere to escape? There was no odor, so there was a good balance of carbon to nitrogen. Hmmmm . . .

I have been lifting the lid once a day to freshen the oxygen. I also wonder about there not being a tap at the bottom to drain the worm juice, but possibly the little sticks mixed in with the leaves will do a fine job of creating a drain grill there. I may have to add a lot more worms if these ones don’t hurry up their activity, because at this rate the whole laundry room will be full of 5-gallon buckets in a few weeks!