Free Permaculture Resources

The Plant Propagation Calendar of Edible Perennials by Betula Fralindsbeckia

Akinori Kimura’s MIRACLE APPLES by Takuji Ishikawa, presented in English by Yoko Ono. “This book is a revolution. It is a true story of how an apple farmer worked for 10 years to find a way to grow apples without using any insecticide” – Yoko Ono.

Ten Acres Enough: A Practical Experience, Showing How a Very Small Farm May Be Made to Keep a Very Large Family. With Extensive and Profitable Experience in the Cultivation of the Smaller Fruits. by Edmund Morris, 1804-1874.
A treasure-find, I happened upon this book by accident. If you love history, and you love discovering nuggets of permaculture wisdom and ideas in the midst of a well-told story, you should enjoy this book. Granted, there are elements that can be improved upon by permaculture, but much good can be gleaned from these pages of history.

Old articles from The Stockman Grass Farmer

The One Straw Revolution by Masanobu Fukuoka