To Share or Not to Share?

Should I?

I have a super great illustration I want to share, but . . . . I think my family would die of humiliation. To share or not to share? I’ll think about it.

It kind of goes along with the poop theme of my last post… Still not sure. I’ll keep thinking.

It’s so easy to push off personal growth in favor of fulfilling others’ needs. My Need to Learn list has had the same two items for a year now. I keep giving other things priority. They are super important to our future financial well-being, but they do include a strenous learning curve. The future pleasure of realizing those goals must overpower the present pain of learning something difficult.

I need to reframe my Why and use my vivid imagination to see the outcome ahead of time and create urgent motivation. I had to do this same thing with fitness. The old me was a chronic non-exerciser. You couldn’t really tell by looking at me, but ask me to jog a mile, and you might have to run for an oxygen tank.

That only changed because I attended an event that asked me to take a deep dive into my hopes and fears. I didn’t just write them down, I walked them out into the future, in my imagination. It was gut-wrenching and life-changing.

I started making changes, took a little detour to another continent… Still, I was amazed how confidently I picked up the processĀ  once I made a conscious decision to get back on the path. The “exercise” for me now is finances – ugh! Could be I need to go through that imagination process once again in this area of life and have a real come to Jesus moment.

Okay, I will.

It reminds me of that story I wanted to tell. I’ll modify it to protect the innocent. I have a signature saying, “Push that poopy out,” I use when babies or toddlers get constipated. It came straight to mind yesterday when I was helping “Winifred” with her homework (No, I’m not talking about my daughter). She had been dreading this specific quiz for months and doing every other possible bit of school work to avoid this one quiz. I encouraged her I knew what was coming up after that, and it was much more enjoyable.

Then it hit me. “You just gotta push that poopy out!” Yeah, this one’s hard, but the longer you wait, the harder and more painful it’s going to get (I’ll let you make your own association there). Face it now; push it out, and the rest will be like applesauce.

I’m preaching to myself here. I’m going on my calendar right now, and I’m going to schedule in time to learn and begin practicing my two financial lessons. Ahhhhhh!