Planned Grazing and Holistic Management with Allan Savory

Paul Wheaton

Hey Everyone, I presented this document that Allan Savory and I compiled from all the questions everyone asked him over in the Greening the Desert topic to Paul Wheaton of

Allan Savory

It was a lot of work but very informative, and I hope some of you will find it useful and share it around. It is about 37 pages re-formatted and with some clarifying information from Mr. Savory inserted. If you’re a little confused about what Mr. Savory actually does, or if you still think he instituted rotational or mob grazing or even approves of them, you’ve GOT to read this document. It will shed some surprising light on the subject.


If anyone finds typos, please let me know. I would like to correct them as they come up, so we can keep it high-quality. Also, if you’re running cattle or looking into it, please check out his more detailed information at The Savory Institute.

Permaculturist’s guide to Holistic Management