Nigerian STR Visa

This was the most helpful link I found for figuring out what is required for the Nigerian STR (Subject to Regularization) visa.  I had to use my own links to figure out where to go to get the application. You start all over on the OIS site, cancelling out your original visitor’s visa (if you had one). I have finally deduced that there are three or four companies working together, each with their own site and way for you to log in.

Going to the Nigerian Embassy’s site will lead you to Nigerian Immigration’s site, which will eventually lead you to Online Integrated Solutions‘ (OIS) site, which will then lead you to Innovate1‘s site to pay. Unfortunately, for me and others like me, the path is not clearly linked or marked, so trying to find your way back to where you need to be is a nightmare. If your place of work (or someone else) is paying for your applications, you will need to go back to the OIS site on your own to set up your appointment booking. From the OIS main page, you click on the link for Visas, and then, you will see the button for Appointment Booking.  As the very brusque customer service agent told me on the phone, “Make sure you have the requirements.”

Side note: I would really love to know why we have to have notarized parental consent letters for our children to travel WITH US (their parents)!