My Wholesaling Back Story

2017 – UPW, Rule 1
February 2018 – File my first LLC with the Secretary of State, pursue first business idea.
Christmas 2018 – Return to USA from Nigeria, sick and half-dead

2019 – Regain strength, join local, very affordable, very uplifting gym (Work on soul & body health.)

January 2019 – Find the right church family for us and dive right in to serving and getting to know the staff.

May 2019 – Graduate from MA Intercultural Studies program.

Summer 2019 – Hear about wholesaling real estate.
Fall 2019 – Start listening to Wholesaling Inc.

September 2019 – Try wholesaling on my own for 30 days

October 2019 – Realize I won’t make it far fast enough without a coach. Get my first credit card ever (0% interest for 15 months) and pay for coaching with Brent Daniels.

December 2019 – Close my first deal.
. . . . Close some more deals, get some more coaching (add details later)…
October 2020 – Buy a KeyGlee franchise.
October 2021 – Pay for Flip Me coaching.