Day 1: 30 Days to My First Flip

October 19, 2021 – Determine to find and close on (within 30 days) a property to flip for a healthy profit ($30,000+).
Day 1:

5:45 a.m. Alarm goes off. Takes me a few minutes to wake up. Time of month has me in some discomfort but determine to at least take a walk, even though it’s cold and dark outside.
7 a.m. Shower and get ready for the day while listening to Mindset Fix music, drop my son off at uni and listen to latest Brent Daniels episode on the way home & while finishing getting ready, greet our visitor and get him set up for the day. The episode helps me clear my mindset & decide to put my experience out there to help others.
7:30 a.m. Start and flip over some laundry. Son forgot to make sure his pants are dry for school today.
8 a.m. Finish my “Creation Sequence” from Bill Walton’s book, Creating Your Best Life: Discover Your God-Given Potential.
8:58 a.m. At the PC prepping to be responsive to anything that’s come in since last night and preparing for new outreach. Today, I’ll conquer my fear of working with agents.

Checking and responding to deal text messages first (closest to the money). First one to address is one that we know is locked up a little high, but the seller really likes and trusts me and wants to work with me. Teaming up with a subto member on this one, and he’s marketing for a buyer willing to pay a little more. Feedback so far is just what we thought, “Price a little high. Big job (large square footage if including basement). Calling seller to update her, as she requested, even though I don’t feel like it.

Call went well. Made sure to ask how her medical procedure went yesterday.

Moving on to checking my CRM for follow-up needed. Current leads needing attention:

  1. Wholesaler (Jamil & Pace) – FB: Does he have the purchase agreement yet?
  2. DTS (D4$) – MK: I need to find her, so we can reopen the conversation about her house.
  3. DTS (Local Squad Up)- SV: Has the buyer deposited his earnest $?
  4. Wholesaler (Jamil & Pace) – AC:  Does he have the purchase agreement yet?
  5. Contractor (Local Squad Up) – KH: Do we need to let this 1st property go & move onto the next one? Try again to get the County Code Violations officer on the phone & ask his opinion.
  6. Commodities (Subto, KeyGlee) – Call everyone again who didn’t respond yesterday. Keep moving everything one step forward. Communicate with RS and encourage him.
  7. DTS (PPL) – CD: Keep feeding back with her as buyers go into see the property.
  8. Wholesaler (TTP)- Call buyer & see what we can do about the liens to bring this property to closing.
  9. Wholesaler (KeyGlee) – MS: Is the seller willing to price drop or do terms?

Nothing urgent, so let’s spend 9:30-10 going one-by-one through some of the New Contact Outreach and see what we have. [Punctuated with caring for the guest and the dog.]

10:03 Check in with myself. That felt painfully slow. Only contacted 4 people once I went through vetting the leads to make sure they were actually New Contacts and not duplicates, finding out a little of the context of the lead, etc. Let’s do it for another half hour and see if we can do any better.
10:51 Too many distractions with the boys. Taking a break to check FB Messenger for leads.
11:02 Send subto contracts to subto student in NKY to prep for working together on a lead he’s closing.
11:04 Boys gone to eat. Hammer out a few more outreaches. Check-ins with my Acq Director simultaneously.
11:16 Follow up on Winchester lead. Will need to be under $175k. Need to look into zoning. An 8 bed/8 bath went for $285k recently…
11:30 Quick food/coffee break with husband. Another day in the battle against the mice.
11:56 Bust out a few more. Boys just burst in… Life of a Mom-preneur 🙂
12:10 Buyer call. Lob two simultaneous calls to Acq Director.
12:15 Pick up daughter from work.
12:54 Check in with Acq Director & boys. Back at desk. Check for messages/responses.
1 p.m. Call back from local agent to find 1st flip.
1:20 p.m. House full of kids. Office full of boys playing video games. Time to check in on FB groups & add value where I can.
1:48 p.m. Call with wholesaler to assist in his 1st subto contracts.
2 Get son 1 to take son 2 to ortho
2:15 p.m. Talk about a possible flip partnership with Subto Wholesaler/Agent BS.
2:39 Back onto follow up texts in CRM.
3:15 Call with Acq Director
4:05 Sort out earnest $ question with buyer & title. Try unsuccessfully to plan supper with the fam…
4:07 Answer Slack message about a land deal that’s 24 hrs old, but I’m just now seeing.
4:11 Comp the HUD property lead. See if it would make a good 1st flip.,-Fort-Thomas-KY-41075_rb/1371818_zpid/
4:30 Get some advice from more experienced peers about if it’s stupid to do my first flip virtual if I’m teaming up with some friends already in place…

What happened to the rest of the night?! Oh yeah, trying to plan supper for the fam & guest with no kitchen, and then, got the call from the cabinet guys that they’re coming tomorrow, instead of Thursday, so we had to speed up our prep work…
6:30 p.m. Try unsuccessfully to get ahold of a friend to help us prep the kitchen for tomorrow a.m.
9 p.m. Go for an Earl Grey to try to eek out some more energy to finish mudding the kitchen.
10:02 p.m. Drag my way to my phone knowing it must be 2 a.m., as I can hardly stand up anymore I’m so tired. Check the time in shock. 😀 Wow, my stamina doesn’t seem to be what it used to at 20! Go watch a British farming show with my Hubs to relax a little before bed.
10:45 p.m. Hubs goes to say goodnight to the kiddos while I read my Deut. 28:1-13.
11 p.m. Had so much fun laughing as we finish up the farming show that I feel a lot better than I did the hour before but know I still should go to bed.