Day 3: 30 Days to My First Flip

5 a.m. Lie awake sorting through the upcoming day.
5:45 a.m. Alarm goes off, and & actually get up today – Yay!
6 a.m. Tidy up, so I can have room to workout.
6:15 a.m. Athlean XX – back & arms today.
7: a.m. Creation Sequence
7:10 Hubs takes daughter to work today while I drink my protein drink & heat water for coffee on our makeshift coffee bar – my office desk (which happens to be an Ikea table anyway – Have I mentioned how much I miss desk drawers to put things away & keep everything tidy?). Finish tidying – dishes to the bathtub (temporary sink) and all that good stuff.
7:50ish Kiss Hubs goodbye as he heads off to his 8-5. Plan for some fried chicken together at noon today – before they run out. We need to snatch some restful joy and celebration in the midst of all this exhausting beehive of activity in our house.
8:30 a.m. Start checking messages from overnight.
9:01 a.m. Guys show for Day 2 of kitchen install. It’s going to be another loud but productive day. Need to remember to reach out to my hedge fund guy who’s back in town from Greece & see if he wants to move on the commodities deals. Also need to remember to get my Covington guy on the dialer today. What’s the other big thing….? Oh yeah, we should decide no-go on the Covington flip likely and see if my local guy is open to teaming up with me on the first one. Make a decision on the two decent Versailles leads from the agent yesterday.

9:05 a.m. Show the kitchen man where the studs are 😀
9:13 a.m. Check email.
9:20 a.m. Oh goody, one of my favorite things (NOT!)… I get to prep new data to import a call list for my Covington guy… Why are only 24 out of nearly 4,000 contacts importing into the campaign? BatchDialer was on it. Problem solved 🙂
9:45 a.m. Back to checking messages now – into my CRM & Slack. Comping & drilling/sawing, do NOT go hand-in-hand! Have I mentioned how much I do NOT enjoy comping anyway, especially on agent & rural leads?
10 a.m. Phew, it’s a beast taking wholesaler calls with a saw going in the background! Okay, helping son with his university essay for a few.
… He didn’t like my answers… Oh boy, back to RE.
10:19 a.m. Responding to messages, new leads, & checking in with Acq Director
11:30 Stop for a quick bite with Hubs.
12: p.m. Say goodbye to the kitchen guys for another day. Matt the cabinet guy tells me I made a really wise decision having them put in the cabinet handles, because it’s very difficult, if not impossible, to get them to look good, straight, and not damage the cabinets in the process, without the template they have. They’ll be coming back to do that early next week when the other team returns with the template. Realize we might be going the rest of the week & weekend without a functioning kitchen, as the Granite Guys are sticking with their original appointment date and Saturday is just for measuring, not for install…
12:15 Hubs picks daughter up from work, so I can try to make it to my commodities follow ups at some point today, after I’m caught up on RE.
First stop, call back dispo wholesaler. Next, call back Acq Director. Then, back to lead follow-up.
2:30 p.m. Head-on-arms-at-desk 5ish minute nap, so I can try to focus better.
2:43 p.m. How on earth to focus with one son telling you about cadavers accepting swine kidneys, a daughter asking you how to cook pasta in a non-kitchen kitchen, and the other son’s deep raspy voice arguing the MLA citation rules for his uni paper with you?! Ah, it just keeps going!
2:55 p.m. Wow, this is where I stopped logging. What happened for the rest of the day/night? Super hard time focusing, lots of getting pulled away to help with papers, first son came home to say Hi & share interesting things he’s been learning & some of his favorite Babylon Bee posts.
Working as able throughout, take a minute to love on my son & show him the kitchen progress before he heads off to a meeting.
Work some more. The ever amazing husband puts some chicken in the Instant Pot. What happened to the days when I did all the cooking, from scratch, baking natural sourdough bread from freshly ground wheat & all?! Fond memories.
Take a call from a flipper/wholesaler friend, talk about his current deal, and get a positive response when I ask if I can shadow him on one of his local flips to learn the process.
6:30ish Take a call back from another local flipper/wholesaler guiding me on how to keep myself out of hot water when funding a flip.
Supper with the fam around 7. Tell daughter how much we miss seeing her now that she’s working every morning, six days a week & loves to be quiet in her room for the rest of every day until she’s too tired to talk at supper. We’re still working to figure out the balance of working around each other’s schedules, so we still have time for each other before the other person is wiped out for the day. At least we’re communicating, just not always in the productive way. It’s a work in progress.
Laugh a little with Hubs as we watch the expensive mishaps of a British TV personality trying his hand at farming his massive estate. Crash hard – at least for the first half of the night. No idea what time we turned off the lights.