Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Creating Your Best Life

This is only take 1, because I messed up so many times, phone dying, tummy growling, etc. However, I posted anyway, because I don’t know about you, but there is no way I would want to wait a day to hear this, and I already missed posting yesterday because of having a guest in town and some work going on at the house. So, in case like me, you woke up super early in the morning thinking about this and eager to get to the next chapter, here is Take 1. I will re-record today when I get a few typos corrected, can find a quiet space and time without too much background noise, and have charged my phone. I don’t have words for this chapter. It may literally blow your mind! You might have to listen to it three times and pause 50 times, just so you can fully digest it. It’s that worth it.