You Restore My Soul

Perspective Determines Outcome

As an INFJ on the Myers-Briggs, I have habitually waited a long time before divulging personal information to new people in my life, so writing a blog is extremely uncomfortable for me. I’m learning, though, that it’s in embracing the difficult things in life that we really grow, that we gain strength.

Years ago, I remember my pastor sharing a story about a man who had been sent to a concentration camp during World War II. Because of his faith, the guards assigned him to the worst possible duty – he worked cleaning out the sewer pits. All day long, he spent knee to waist deep in sewage.

He pitied himself, until . . . One day, the Lord spoke to his heart, “Look at this. No one else is here. You are all alone with Me, and you can worship me to your heart’s content.” From then on, his perspective changed. Suddenly, he looked forward to his time in the sewer pit. He could hardly wait to get there. He could belt out his worship as loud as he wanted without punishment.

Have you found your Why?

Leaving Nigeria so soon felt like that sewer pit to me, but the longer I’m back, the more God is showing me a new perspective. He is restoring my soul through surprising means. The Holy Spirit is drawing me to books and leaders I may never have paid attention to before. I’m finally gaining the courage to head down a path I was scared to explore before. I’m gaining more wisdom in honoring and valuing the differences between my husband and myself.

What hard things have you been facing so far this year? What has your perspective been on those things? Is your perspective leaving you feeling like a victim or a victor? How can those hindrances, those setbacks, that dissatisfaction strengthen you to courageously face your worst fear and reframe your Why in life?